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Ice Princess

Open the gates! Do you want to build a snowman? Our Ice Princess knows the perfect recipe for a marshmallow snowman! Make a treasure hunt from something as simple as a string and follow it to the very end to find the Ice Princess’s birthday gift! And what could be more fun than pinning the carrot on Olaf? As long as there’s plenty of chocolate it’s sure to be a huge success!


Snow Queen

Venture into the unknown with our Snow Queen and build your very own snowman! Whether made out of snow or marshmallows, building your very own snowman is a big hit! The Queen of the Enchanted Forest can give your very own Coronation and crown you Queen for the day! After all it is your party, and you get to make all the rules!



Be our guest! Host your very own ball and show off your best dance moves! Cover the tables in all the best food and treats imaginable! Cupcakes, tea sandwiches, and (potato) chips, try the gray stuff, it’s delicious! And for craft time? Make your own enchanted roses and decorate your own magic mirror!


Little Mermaid

Dive under the sea with our Little Mermaid! Seashells and seaweed make great crafts! Have all the mermaids grab their dinglehoppers and try new hairstyles on each other, the Little Mermaid can do a fishtail braid very well! Playing musical chairs, eating goldfish crackers, and maybe even going on a treasure hunt under the sea is sure to give everyone a fin-tastic time!


Fairest Princess

Magic mirror on the wall, who has the most magical birthday party of all? Go mining for diamonds with Snow White, eat candied apples, and don’t forget to make your birthday wish! Our Fairest Princess loves a royal ball, and she loves gooseberry pie!


Tower Princess

Let down your hair! Unique hairstyles can make every little girl feel like a princess! There are so many fun crafts and activities that you can do and our Tower Princess can do them all! Baking, crown decorating, floating lanterns, and especially face paint!

Heros & Villains

Superheroes  & Villains:






Introducing our first villain just in time for spooky season!


Storybook  &Movie:


Fashion Doll


Come on, lets go party!

This Doll has almost as many outfits as she's had careers!

She definitely knows how run a fashion show and make all girls feel like they can sparkle!



Tea Party!!! Long table, mismatched tea cups and chairs. Painting roses red, becoming a hatter and making a mad hat! Playing croquet to beat the evil Queen of Hearts, or even with a deck of cards! A journey to Wonderland would be a hit for a birthday party, or even an UNbirthday party!

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